We’re Hard At Work!

New Uses for for the same concepts

Our suppliers were chosen because they use ‘old’ concepts and materials in new, interesting ways. Sustainable is a buzzword right now, but sustainable is also knowing what to keep, and knowing how to re-use it, as well as merely using new ‘sustainable’ materials. More important, this applies not only to materials but to people – we work with the companies and craftspeople whose talents, abilities, craftsmanship and ethics we seek to sustain and nourish. They are all New-York-area-based, and are driven by a sense of local pride in the work they do and in the people who work for and with them.

GDC Contracting Volunteer

Gregory Gaske of GDC Contracting has graciously volunteered to build the Boudoir for us. Charlene has worked with Gregory on several projects, and we’re honored and grateful. Together with Vincent and Joseph DiSalvo of DiSalvo Contracting, Gregory created GDC to provide clients with smaller project requirements, but with the same craftsmanship, finish quality and extraordinary service in construction for which its larger sister company, DiSalvo Contracting, is recognized throughout the industry. Gregory employs people whose integrity, skill, hard work and respect give clients a home that is 1) structurally sound, 2) mechanically sound, and 3) aesthetically beautiful. In a world of cheap construction and quick-fix solutions, Gregory and his company, GDC Contracting, deserve to be sustained and preserved. We can’t think of anyone better to bring our vision of Madame’s Boudoir to life. gdccontracting.com

Elite Woodworking

Working with Gregory will be John Ragnatelli of Elite Woodworking. Since John was nine years old, he knew he never wanted to do anything else. John, his father and Elite’s 40 employees are a New York City-based business – situated on one of Brooklyn’s piers and here to stay. Certain contractors and builders here in New York won’t do a job without Elite at their side. Sustainable? They’ve always worked with formaldehyde-free woods, and their scraps are snapped up by local artists. John loves to work with wood, with its ‘organicness,’ with exotic and yes, with sustainable woods as well. As John says, ‘when I’m covered with sawdust at the end of the day, I don’t feel dirty.’ He has a special love that appeals to Madame – he loves to work with old wood and old furniture, re-purposing it to make it something new. Old and new at the same time, John himself is a resource to nourish, sustain and preserve.

Boudoir Creations with Harvey Talent

They’ll be relying on renditions by Harvey Talent. www.virtualbuildingtalent.com. A truly valued member of Keogh Design’s team, he has generously given his time to create the drawings for the Boudoir. Harvey’s origins in hand-crafted architectural interiors and fine cabinetry serve him – and his clients – in good stead with his accurate and detailed drawings. He employs the usual plans and elevations, but his amazingly detailed three-dimensional images make designers’ visions that much more accessible to their clients, including of course our vision of Madame’s Boudoir.