New York Loft Interior Design – Tribeca NYC

New York Loft Interior Design


Tribeca, New York City

Project Duration

3 Years

Project Details

This Tribeca loft was designed by Keogh Design and Mark Winkelman (formerly of the Downtown Group). This New York Loft Interior Design project has a some history.

Winkelman was hired more than a decade ago to renovate the generic-looking ‘improvements’ put in by the builder. With a limited budget, Winkelman was only able to implement the most essential architectural elements.

The clients moved to London and rented the loft for ten years. When they took back possession, Keogh was called in to bring in new furniture (their own furniture was still in London). Keogh Design was hired to fix the areas that had been put on hold such as the fireplace, the kitchen fronts and the bathrooms.

The client has a strong design sensibility, so he and Keogh enjoyed an unusual, harmonious, collaborative design relationship with wonderful results.