Knowing The Space – The Craftsman in Me

You can call it a blessing but also a curse….knowing the space that is. I’ve always possessed the innate ability to be able to feel a space in my mind. By that I mean that when I visit a job site, I can’t always see what needs to be done just by a visual inspection. My approach is to take in the space, feel it, see it and own it then I go back and think about it in my mind.

Something As Simple As Measuring Has Great Impact

One of my other ‘must dos’ is to measure the space myself. While I will always have my draftsperson available and with me, it is paramount to me to know that space intimately – measuring insures I do. The ability to think in 3D has never failed me in any of my projects. With this mindset along with the drawings, the craftsman in me is able to mentally ‘fix’ any problems and seek solutions to insure the space feels right. Feeling right is almost more important than it looking right.

Great color, paint, furniture and art can make a room look wonderful; however, a craftsperson can always know when a space is off. I always know when it’s off and always endeavor to find the solution and make it right.

There are many projects where the architecture lends itself to, say, a more traditional style, and the client may want to use more modern attributes. Knowing the space offers me the opportunity to create the perfect concert of styles.