Custom Decor

Understanding Your Space

Each project is as individual as each of my clients. The initial process begins with taking time to meet with you to understand you – interests, needs, desires, and environment. I will then take the opportunity to physically walk your home to get a feel for the area, the lighting and the space.

This initial interview, or programming meeting, as I like to call it, provides an outline of your needs. Ultimately, our conversation identifies your environment’s ‘hot buttons’ and that, along with your input, creates the muse for the project.

Identifying that one magical word or thought allows me to identify the direction and sparks the beginning of an inspired process and outcome.

Of course the practical items aren’t left off. When I leave your home, I have an understanding of your space, how it is used and how it will be lived in. With these relevant aspects taken into consideration, the final outcome is a true reflection of you, as I strongly feel it should be.

Inches Count

I take a hands on approach and am personally involved in measuring each space to insure that I understand and know every ‘inch’ of the area. This provides me the ability to mentally walk through the house, even when I am off site, and visualize what should be done. By measuring, it allows me to ‘feel’ the space.

Identifying Style

Identifying style is something different. When a client tells me ‘I like modern’ or ‘I prefer a traditional style’, I’ll do a deeper dive to better understand what those words and concept of style mean to them.

My philosophy has always been to delight the client. My work kudos come from your smile and appreciation when you see your final project for the first time. It is such a pleasure for me!

Form & Scale

The physcial architecture of the space is important, but it’s not always necessary to change this, as great design and décor can be achieved in other ways. Form and Scale are always key to any project, when they are used and done correctly. These tools can negate the need for any physical renovation. My ability to understand the 3D perspective of the space critically affects the outcome.


Being pragmatic with a hands-on approach brings the project in on time, with my goal of exceeded expectations.

With any project, as it progresses, it is the nature of the beast that issues will arise. I work hard to resolve these issues without angst or upsetting the apple cart. I find I get better results with not only respecting the client’s wishes but also respecting the skills and talent of the people physically creating the space.