Collaborative Spirits

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Kismet, serendipity, or destiny. There are times when the stars align, and we, as designers, find ourselves sitting in front of the ideal client. I’m sometimes asked what makes a great client or a great client relationship.

Obviously, finding a kindred spirit is exceptional. You know when you meet someone for the first time and it just clicks? That doesn’t always occur, but when it does, I find the process of working with that new client extremely exhilarating. Not only am I learning about them, I always seem to have the opportunity to learn something new about myself and my design abilities.

Risk Takers

Another sign of a great client is when I identify someone that not only has faith in my abilities but is also willing to take a risk in a design element. Sometimes a leap of faith in design, can leave everyone a little uneasy in the onset, but it’s extremely exciting when both you and the client are willing to experiment with a design adventure.

There are times when I may have the opportunity to select a hand made piece or use something a little different in a client’s project. It may be something as simple as a paint color or finish, a special molding or using an extraordinary sculpture or hand-made piece of furniture. The client that is willing to take that leap with me is always one I consider a kindred spirit.

A client partnership takes on many phases over the course of the project from selection to payment. Collaborating on all aspects of a project makes for an ideal outcome, a satisfied client and the creation of a new relationship for me.

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