Black Is Not Just For LBDs (Little Black Dresses)


Black-Walls-dining-room-freshomeMy niece stopped by the studio the other day for a quick visit, and I noticed she was wearing her LBD (little black dress). I immediately commented about how cute she looked but was wondering why she was wearing her LBD in the middle of the day as it seemed so formal and dark for a fall afternoon. After a short conversion she explained she was heading out to an afternoon cocktail party and her LBD was more than appropriate.

Ironically, a few days later I was meeting with a client to discuss paint colors and suggested black for the walls in their dining area. My client was a little taken back about the idea, but I used the story about my niece and her little black dress to outline that black has not only changed as a fashion color but has become a ‘go to’ paint color in decor.


White or Antique White

There was a time when considering freshening the paint in your home’s interior you would never think of using any other colors but white or slightly off white, which is referred to as antique white. These colors were basics, simple to decorate around, and kept your interior always looking fresh – a clean slate so to speak.Today whites are listed among the trendiest colors, but if you’re looking for something a little more dramatic – black is your new white.

Dark interior walls are more than acceptable in design.  Essentially, you find walls, and even ceilings, are being painted in every shade of the rainbow. It wasn’t until very recently that black entered the design arena as an acceptable wall color. Imagine – black walls.

How and When to Paint it Black

Today black is actually considered a basic. Descriptive words used for black as a wall color include cozy, sophisticated, versatile and friendly. Not exactly what you may have thought.  But black, which has always been relied upon as an accent color, is now in the spotlight standing on its own.

images-4Black walls with white accompaniments exude a ‘wow’ factor. Certainly, black marries beautifully with any punch color. Any ‘bright’ or white will pop against a black backdrop which allows for changing out your decor accents more often.

Believe it or not even the smallest rooms with little to no light can benefit from darker wall colors. The natural tendency with smaller spaces is to paint them with bright colors such as white or yellow; however, this is not always a remedy. Black spaces create wonderful nooks for reflection, study, or private conversation.

keres_430721-b_2000x700If you’re not sure you’re brave enough to pull off a full black room, give a one wall a try or perhaps opt for a patterned wall covering which will soften the look until you’re ready to take the plunge.

Who would have thought basic black would offer so much versatility? This proves out that the simplest LBD (little black dress) is a great basic to have in your closet so why not use the same thought process in your home?